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Friday, August 28, 2009  

The Legendary Iran-Poland Cold War

Yglesias is right that if the administration is set to scrap missile defense bases in Poland and Czech Republic it's a very good thing indeed. Poland and Czech quite understandably are concerned to keep Russia at bay. The U.S., somewhat understandably, is concerned about Iran's nuclear program. The Bush Administration decided that people would swallow an absurd portmanteau policy in which we combined an anti-Russian policy in Central Europe with an anti-Iranian rationale. Thus Poland would be made safe, it was said, from the simmering hatred and irrepressible territorial designs of...Iran!

This was ridiculous on its face to anyone who considered the situation, but the former administration was entirely right in assuming that the media and political elite would swallow the justification whole. To this day, news accounts relegate the anti-Russian thrust of the bases to a matter of Russian interpretation, and the official story--keeping Iran from lobbing a nuke right into downtown Prague for some reason--is taken at face value. Yet critics of the Obama Administration will no doubt nonetheless claim that this move represents appeasement of the Russian menace, and this pernicious dynamic is no doubt why this comical little boondoggle is apparently set to be exported to Israel and/or Turkey. At least there it will only devour the tax dollars of gullible and inattentive Americans and not pointlessly ruin our bilaterial relationship with Russia.

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posted by Benjamin Dueholm | 9:33 AM
Who cares where we, or anyone, keeps their nukes? Everyone knows Superman is going to round them all up and toss them into the sun.
I heard the UK won't sign Superman's liability waiver.
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