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Friday, November 13, 2009  


David Brooks' sidelong paeans to Sen. Paul Bunyan McWindburn's (R-Open Prairie) sexiness are funny enough, but they have no chance of joining the greatest political puff-piece I've read in recent years: Rich Lowry's ought-to-be-legendary lathering of then-Sen. George Allen (R-Virginia). It is monumental. As I noted a little later, Lowry spent more words describing Allen's tobacco-chewing method than his career in the Virgina and U.S. Houses. Allen, after being described as a shoo-in, of course crashed and burned spectacularly in his 2006 re-election bid because he couldn't keep himself from mocking a man with racially derogatory language. Lowry later returned to form in a dazzling one-graf post about Sarah Palin and her legendary starbursts.

But it's not just Rich Lowry. Chris Matthews (not a conservative, of course) tried a little of the old smell-o-vision by lauding Fred Thompson's scent of chair leather, aqua velva, and cigar smoke. Jim Webb got a similar, albeit less epicurean, treatment.

What is it about middle-aged white male journalists and their hormonal reactions? I really don't get it. They can't even pivot from an acknowledgment of their subject's sexiness to a demand for more policy heft or some deeper thoughts on his or her political profile.

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