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Wednesday, December 23, 2009  


Well if it ain't ol' Huck Graham (R-SC) at it again, repeatedly and bizarrely equating black people with Medicaid recipients. This is really offensive and yet it's clear that there won't be any meaningful consequences for Graham among his social set because after all, hey, we're all whitefolks here so what's a little demeaning talk among friends?

If I were a senator, I'd have the distasteful job of trying to maintain a good relationship with Huck because he's a rare member of his caucus with whom you can sometimes do business. All the same, not only is this "black folks on Medicaid" jag he's on really offensive in itself, it's also not a good-faith objection to the bill. Is he saying that he'd vote for the bill if every state got the Nebraska treatment? Or that he'd replace Nelson's vote on cloture if Reid took the Nebraska provision (admittedly an awful one) out? That would be a deal worth offering, it seems to me--a way to use legislative gamesmanship to marginally improve a piece of legislation.

But ol' Huck ain't interested in that, no sir. He just wants to--I don't know, say mean stuff about a bill he never had any intention of supporting anyway.

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