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Tuesday, December 15, 2009  

The Longest Night

You can fool your friends and coworkers, but you can't fool me: I know most of you out there are on the spectrum between "a little over-stressed" and "flat-out miserable" at this time of year. As Maria Bamford points out, drinking more caffeine and just staying on your meds helps:

Actually, that candle montage at the end sort of gives away the game here, which is that Wicker Park Lutheran Church is having a service of Music and Meditations for the Longest Night on Sunday, December 20th at 8pm. We'll hear the birth of Jesus as recorded in the Gospel of Luke, placed alongside the poetic version of W.H. Auden and songs by Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Dylan. I'll be singing and playing along with some members of the congregation. The Chicago Vocal Authority will sing and local actress Penny Slusher will read Auden.

This is a complicated time of year for most of us, and we want to give everyone a chance to feel how they feel and mark the season without having to sing carols or feign more religious sentiment than it takes to get you up a flight of steps to a sanctuary. Everyone is welcome, no one is out of place. And it will be fun.

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