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Thursday, December 24, 2009  

Merry Christmas!

Whether this is a season defined for you by the celebration of the Feast of the Nativity (i.e. the Christ Mass), by gathering with friends and families and co-workers in varying states of joy, or by feeling apart from these and other marks of the season, I wish you all peace and blessings. To my clergy friends especially, I wish you the grace to persevere through these last preparations.

Speaking as someone who is no damned good at pulling off Christmas in anything but the liturgical sense, I also wish everyone contentment with what they've done or will do to mark the occasion. Christmas is a gift--if anything I've done with the last few years of my life is true, the ultimate gift--not a day of unpaid work.

I'll post my Christmas Eve sermon tonight or tomorrow; otherwise I'll be away for a few days. Safe travels and happy destinations to you all.

posted by Benjamin Dueholm | 10:24 AM
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