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Wednesday, January 27, 2010  

The Inner Conflict

I don't know what to do. On some level I know I should watch the State of the Union tonight because it's just objectively a significant event and because I managed to sit through several of the previous occupant's.

On the other hand, if the president has decided to burn down his own house to collect the insurance money, I'd rather not be locked in the china cabinet when he does. If part of the point is to piss off people like me for the benefit of people like Dana Millbank, count me out.

On yet another hand, there is some drama here that would be interesting quite apart from the policy issues at stake. Ezra Klein gives a quick sketch of the positions of liberal optimists and liberal pessimists on the great mystery of whether Obama is the clear-eyed but persistent strategist for progress we imagined or the skittish lightweight on display over the last week. "Obama," the pessimists say, "has not shown himself a fighter for his policy commitments. His time as a national figure was short, adulatory and unmarred by hard causes or lonely battles." Well, all the causes are hard now--even trying to snatch food stamps away while buying more and more anti-alien aircraft. So we'll see.

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