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Wednesday, January 20, 2010  

Sack Up, You Pathetic Wads

I am a die-hard partisan Democrat. I walked the precincts for Tony Earl when I was three. I have argued time and again with my liberal friends that smaller victories are better than none at all. I have consistently argued for sad-sack members and disappointing majorities. But if one stupid election reducing the Senate Democratic majority from 60 to 59 ends up skittering the House into killing health care reform, even I'll be hard-pressed to stay on the bus for this fall's elections. If you bastards give up now, you'll deserve the inevitable crucifixion that's coming.

Update: Seriously, do you think that killing a bill your majority has already (more or less) voted for will save you seats? Please tell me you're not that stupid.


posted by Benjamin Dueholm | 1:56 AM
Well said. Write your congressman today and tell him/her the same thing.
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