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Friday, February 12, 2010  

No Organized Party

No good news to blog about of late. The President has decided to spin a small diminishing of the federal government's impairment as a major victory for which he has unilaterally made procedural concessions. It's hard to imagine that this is as stupid as it looks, but I'm having a hard time imagining an alternative explanation.

The Senate's majority leader, meanwhile, thinks that the only answer to the abuse of the Senate's de facto super-majority rule is to go through a process requiring a super-duper-majority.

This is pathetic. You can be darned sure that the next time Republicans have power, they will use budget reconciliation, recess appointments, and threats of abolishing or altering the filibuster to get what they want. And there's nothing fundamentally wrong with that. As Yglesias points out,

Realistically what I think is going to happen is that almost no significant legislation of any kind will pass until 2017, by which point the GOP will like control both the White House and the Senate and immediately eliminate the filibuster via the “nuclear” approach. Republicans, to their credit, tend to prioritize their vision of the national interests over issues of process and ego. Democrats, by contrast, seem to have mostly gotten into politics in order to bolster their own sense of self-righteousness and aren’t especially concerned with whether or not their conduct in office is efficacious.

Reid I figured would be no good in this kind of fight, but I'm a little surprised that Obama has refused to play the hand the constitution deals him. The contemporary GOP may have no serious agenda for governing, but at least they know how to handle the mechanics of it.

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