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Tuesday, February 02, 2010  

Primary Day

A few worthless predictions:

Hynes will edge Quinn for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. The Republican field is a mess, but to judge from the atmosphere in DuPage, I think dour, bad old Jim Ryan will eke out the win, setting up a colossally depressing general election campaign.

Kirk will win in a walk. Giannoulias will limp to a victory with perhaps 40%, after showing almost no motion in the last polls I've seen. Jackson and Hoffman will both finish strong but the same dynamic that launched Prop Blo ahead of Burris and Paul Vallas in the 2002 gubernatorial primary will favor Giannoulias this time. He will immediately have "Martha Coakley redux" tatooed to his forehead and before spring is fully underway a team of DC minders will have been sent up to manage his campaign.

Preckwinkle takes the County race convincingly. Terry O'Brien's support in the patronage wards will bolster his showing on a lousy winter day, perhaps even putting him ahead of a wilting Dorothy Brown. Todd finishes last, in a poignant echo of his "falling star" graphic.

If you haven't voted yet, please do so. The Tribune has a good page of information on all the races. Turnout is light and your vote really does count, much more so than in the over-hyped presidential years.

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