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Tuesday, February 02, 2010  

Quick Thoughts

Good news: Jim Ryan lost. Alexi came out talking about jobs, Kirk came out talking about Rod Blagojevich. Who is more in tune with the electorate, do you think? Toni rolled in County. Bill Brady might be kind of interesting. Moreno loses to Garcia. (I was misled by the tone of a WBEZ interview). Julie Hamos's unaccountably terrible campaign was punished with failure. The Republicans overlooked their strongest candidate in CD-10 and went for a guy who ran away from a name that sounded like Bob Dole.

Bad news: A two-party, four-candidate governor's race recount still won't yield a single candidate who isn't a blatantly obvious, laugh-out-loud joke. I still don't know the difference between the Comptroller and the Treasurer. Low turnout.

In a quiet way tonight, we saw the maturation of the Harold Washington-Barack Obama coalitions in County and even state politics. Toni's victory is significant in this regard. Not only is she certifiably more independent and reformist than the ballyhooed Forest Claypool, she was able to put together a winning coalition that bridged a lot of geographic and demographic divides. Black voters have not traditionally trusted white independents, given an unfortunate history of white independents screwing over black voters. So any "independent" candidate running county-wide needs very badly not to be white, but someone like Toni can get the job done--just as Obama did in 2004, though to trivial local effect.

It was not a great night for legacy candidates (and I count Alexi among that group). Tom Hynes's boy deserves chutzpah points for using Harold Washington (of blessed memory) to shiv Pat Quinn, but it doesn't seem to have worked. The County regulars seem to be in total disarray with Stroger having lost so utterly. It was in general not an inspiring night for anyone but the people cashing Mark Kirk's checks. All the same, there is a new complexion to local politics. The year between now and the 2011 city primary will be very interest, I suspect.

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