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Saturday, March 13, 2010  

Commandments, Take 3

Before I leave the topic behind for a while, I want to note this article by Christopher Hitchens' brother Peter on his Christian convictions and their familial argument over them (via One Eternal Day). It's an interesting article, moving in its way. And while there's no doubt much more to the story and to the argument, it seems that both Hitchenses share a premise--a mistaken one, in my opinion--about what Christianity is about and what it accomplishes in the world. Here is Peter:

He often assumes that moral truths are self-evident, attributing purpose to the universe and swerving dangerously round the problem of conscience - which surely cannot be conscience if he is right since the idea of conscience depends on it being implanted by God. If there is no God then your moral qualms might just as easily be the result of indigestion.

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