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Thursday, April 15, 2010  

Wily Foreigners

So extreme and irrational:

The valley's extreme isolation, its axle-breaking terrain and its inhabitants' suspicion of outsiders made it a perfect spot to wage an insurgency against a Western army.

I would be pretty cool with a bunch of foreigners who don't speak my language, share or understand my religion, or know anything about my way of life carrying guns and yelling at me in my neighborhood. I don't know that the major malfunction is with these people.

I mean, we Americans elect a black president with a foreign-sounding name and suddenly a quarter of the country decides America has come to an end. We're world-beaters in paranoia, xenophobia, and sheer hostility towards the vast hordes of people we haven't taken the first steps towards understanding. Yet when our imperial adventures bring us into contact with similar attitudes abroad, our official media responds with confused-dog noises.


posted by Benjamin Dueholm | 9:51 AM
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