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Monday, May 03, 2010  

Good Luck With That

Ross had a bowl of Sanctimoni-O's this morning, apparently:

Meanwhile, most of the Tea Party’s prominent “victims,” from Crist to the party-switching Arlen Specter to the hapless Dede Scozzafava, have richly deserved their fate. If there’s a purge happening, it seems to be primarily affecting time-servers, trimmers and party hacks — which is to say, a set of politicians that the G.O.P. can live without.

Far be it from me to sound more cynical and worldly-wise than an exalted and authorized pundit, but what the what? If Ross knows of a single instance of a national party governing without extensive participation from "time-servers, trimmers, and party hacks" I'd be all ears. It's tempting--and a whole lot of fun--to point out instances of contemptibleness and poltroonism in your own ranks, especially when you're not just settling ideological scores. But at a certain point, you just don't have a sizable majority without a few Ben Nelsons and Evan Bayhs. The examples Ross cites are not encouraging: Crist's independent bid seems as likely as not to improve Democratic chances in Florida this fall; Specter delivered a critical vote to the Democrats when Republican obstruction was at its most fierce; and Scozzafava was kicked to the curb in favor of the utterly dismal Doug Hoffman who--lest it be forgotten--went on to lose a district no Republican had lost in ages.

It's all well and good to rag on Charlie Crist. Anyone who is unironically compared to Joe Lieberman kind of has to be ridiculous on some level. But winning parties need Charlie Crist and people like him. While Ross has been enjoying the downfall of the Republican chairwarmer class, after all, the Democratic agenda has been moving fitfully forward with the critical support of Specter and Bill Owens.

And the Crist defection should be viewed as bad news by Republican partisans who are serious about winning elections and governing. Until a few days ago, the GOP had a better than 50/50 chance of holding that seat for its Senate caucus. Now the probability has dropped considerably. You need to be drinking some serious Kool-Aid if you think a 1/3 chance of Marco Rubio is better than a 60% chance of having either Rubio or Crist.

This is part, though only a small part, of why I think the GOP's fall prospects have reached high tide and will gradually but steadily recede. They will still pick up seats, perhaps quite a few, but confident forecasts of taking the House--much less Boehner's clownish prediction of picking up 100 seats--will probably look pretty foolish in retrospect.

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posted by Benjamin Dueholm | 9:49 PM
I think Ross is an educated Sarah Palin. He just says what he wants, and assumes that because he said must be truth. You betcha.
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