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Wednesday, November 03, 2010  

A Little Bit More

Not a lot of silver linings tonight for liberals, but there's something to be said for Bill Brady appearing to lose the governor's race. His totally dishonorable hand-waving approach to the state budget was theoretically defensible on political terms, but it's very nice to see it fail. Throw in his view that children should only get the health care their parents can pay for and women should only get the contraception their pharmacist cares to dispense, and there's just no downside to seeing this guy lose. Like any reasonable person, I've been less than thrilled with Pat Quinn's tenure as governor, but this was a stark choice.

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posted by Benjamin Dueholm | 1:46 AM
Just pathetic analysis. Junior high level at best.
Maybe so. I'm still apparently overqualified to run the utterly disastrous Brady campaign. How do you get beat by Pat Quinn? The answer, I think, is by apparently deciding to run for governor of Alabama.
You get beat by Pat Quinn when the DNC dumps $1 Million cash the day before the election to "get out the vote" in the most heavily Democratic precincts in the country...the same precincts which were generally in sync with the Republican candidate on the issues, but enjoyed the $1 Million to operate the voting machines.

Interesting conspiracy theory, but I don't understand how some of the most Democratic precincts in the country are also in sync with the Republican candidate, nor how this massive conspiracy could have beaten Brady without bothering to beat Kirk, nor how it all went undetected by the best vote-suppression operation in America.

Sometimes you lose winnable elections because you nominate terrible candidates. That's what happened here.
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It would not take $2 Million injected in a few Wards to beat a "terrible" candidate.

Brady was polling well in the African American precincts, because of his pro-life stand, pro-family, pro-student choice positions.

Polling in this case did not equal voting. Just got a report that it was closer to $2 Million that was spent on the key precincts, which must have been enough to push Quinn over the edge.

Brady beat Quinn in the suburbs, and most every where else in the State of Illinois, but not enough to overcome the 90-6 margin in the African American wards. Kirk beat Giannoulias by a greater margin in the suburbs, so he won the election.

Why people would take a bit of cash to vote against their own interests, despite years of abuse by the Democratic party is a mystery, but it is tested and true that this occurs.

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