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Tuesday, November 30, 2010  

A Move in the Right Direction

TPI on 10/15/2010:

Since the Senate is so ridiculous and dysfunctional, I'd probably be urging the president to use the ruling as leverage to get the orderly transition back on track. "One way or another, this unjust policy is going to end. If the Senate won't take up the Pentagon's own timetable for ending it, I will direct Attorney General Holder to refrain from appealing or staying this ruling. That's not how we wanted to do it, but I have a sacred obligation to the brave men and women who put themselves in harm's way to protect us" etc flagtroops.

David Kurtz in Talking Points Memo, today:

Bob Gates' abilities as a masterful bureaucrat and Washington shapeshifter have rarely been on more public display than in his just-completed press conference. He was expected to unveil a Pentagon review of Don't Ask Don't Tell that would clear the way for repeal, but Gates took it a step further with a clarion call to Congress to repeal DADT before the end of the year or else the federal courts might do it by what he called "judicial fiat."

It was classic Gates: a combination of finesse and sharp elbows. He framed the issue starkly: repeal DADT in an orderly way with enough time for me to implement it, and I can pull this off without jeopardizing our military readiness -- or you can leave it to the courts which is "my greatest fear" and which guarantees a disruptive transition that could damage the military.

Obviously not what I'd have said, but a big step in the right direction for an administration that has struggled to find its footing on this issue.

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