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Thursday, June 16, 2011  

Wedding Season

I wrote on pastors and weddings for The Daily:

Even when the minister is not merely patched in to fulfill a legal or sacramental requirement, and the venue is not a mere backdrop, wedding ceremonies provide grist for irritation across all denominational, ideological and theological lines. The expenses often associated with weddings can’t help but feel extravagant in a world with so much need. Anxieties about status, appearance and money clump like barnacles on every aspect of the process. Couples want ever-more-narcissistic ceremonies while expressing uncertain commitments to each other and to the institution of marriage. I tell the couples I counsel that ending the vows with “as long as our love shall last” is functionally equivalent to saying “We will get divorced.”

Read the rest, including the man-bites-dog ending, here.

posted by Benjamin Dueholm | 12:53 AM
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